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Brief Introduction
Fushun Furi Electric Porcelain and Electrical Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as FURI), locating at Fushun Liaoning who is a heavy industry city, is a high-tech enterprise who develops, manufactures, sells and technically consults all by himself.
The products form sets with generating transmitting and transforming main equipment and at the same time are supplied to electric power departments directly and exported overseas. The Works holds rich technical force and the technical staff taking 30% of the total staff . The Works possesses advanced technical equipment, the main manufacturing equipment were introduced from abroad. The Works can carry out various electric and mechanical test with perfect test equipment and method. All the leading products are manufactured according to international standard. In recent years the Works keeps taking Quality First, Customers Up most and Providing Customers With First Rate Products and Service as quality aim and quality direction and spends great effort in publicizing and carrying out GB/T19000-ISO quality System Standard. To confirm the products quality, the Works sent metal oxide surge arrester to VNL Electric Large Laboratories Ltd. to carry out performance tests and it was verified that metal oxide surge arresters meet the requirements stipulated in customers’ requirements and got the certificates. FURI is one of the enterprises which produce arresters earlier and yearly total output take about 70% of the national output. Though magnetic blow-out arrester designed and made by FURI itself is taken the place gradually by metal oxide surge arrester, we also can supply according to customer’s requirements;
Metal oxide surge arrester has become the leaking products of FURI by using introduced technology and equipment and the output and variety increase by year. FURI adopts precision and advanced technology to develop new products for customers actively and was awarded the title of Torch Plan Precision Technology Advanced Unit. The Works improves the products and engineering level by means of introducing technology and self growing FURI can develop more than twenty new products each year and a leading products series of high voltage. The products are sold to every provinces except Taiwan and exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Western Europe, Korea, South America, etc...
Our main products are metal-Oxide surge arresters of ceramic and polymeric housing, fuses, disconnecting switchgears, polymer insulators ranging from 3~220kV with all kinds of specifications. FURI owns the advanced assembly line for metal-Oxide surge arrester of ceramic and polymeric housing with annual production of 200,000 pieces. Advanced and self-contained inspecting equipments can fully meet all specified electric characteristics that GB11032 and IEC99-4 require.
Fushun is the base of China’s electric porcelain and surge arrester. The advanced manufacturing techniques for metal-Oxide surge arrester of Hitachi Japan was introduced into in the earliest beginning, which has been greatly contributing to development of Chinese electric enterprise.
FURI absorbs many prestigious experts domestically and technicians from well-known companies. Based on Hitachi technique, FURI concentrates on electric equipments and components for 3~220kV power system, making comprehensive, exquisite and top-quality products to meet power market’s requirements.
FURI owns advanced equipments for manufacturing and inspecting. The annual gross product is RMB¥60,000,000.
FURI locates at Shengli Economic Zone and is traffic-convenient.
“Quality First and Customers Utmost” is our principle. FURI will serve you with the superior products and service.



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