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  Discharge counter
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Discharge counter
1. Introduction

The JSY-8 type discharge counter connected in series to the grounding end of an attester is used for indicating, discharge numbers of the arresters in the AC system with nominal voltages up to 200kV so as to the running status.

The environment conditions of discharge counter is the same as the surge arrester.
A.ambient air temperature within the range of -40°C to +40°C;
B.altitude not exceeding 1000m;
C. frequency of the a. c. power supply not less than 48Hz and not exceeding 62Hz;
D. Wind velocity not exceeding 35m/sec.
E. Not used in place under strong shock or impact, or where the metal parts are liable to corrode seriously.

Main Technical Data
Type JSY-8
Scope of application 10-220kV
Nominal discharge current (8/20µs)kA  10
Residual voltage of nominal discharge current (no more than) 3 kV
2ms square-Cwave current withstand  A 200
(4/10µs) high current impulse withstand  kA 65
Weight  kg 1.73


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