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Standards and Normal service Conditions
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Technical parameters
  Discharge counter
  Discharge counter with    current metre
  Composite Post Insulator
Discharge counter with current metre
Brief introduction:
Current action and leakage monitor for MOA (MONITOR), series-wound between arrester and earth, is a device to monitor arrester’s real-time condition, monitoring and displaying leakage current and its action times under the normal operation. Through monitoring the ill problem as damped, some potential accidents will be pre-failed. Therefore, the operating reliability is improved.
That the shell is of stainless steel of strong erosion-proof and good screen effect, which keep outer magnetic field away and lessen the effect of distribution of capacitance and current, makes the accurate measurement of operating current.
Service Condition:
1.Used in indoor or outdoor;
2.Ambient temperature is from -40°C to +50°C;
3.Sea level altitude is not higher than 2000m;
4.System frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz;
5.Not used in place under strong shock or impact, or where the metal parts are liable to corrode seriously.
Main Technical Data:
Type JCQ1-10/800 JCQ1-20/2000
Scope of application 35-220kV 330-500kV
Nominal discharge current (8/20µs)kA  10 20
Residual voltage of nominal discharge current (no more than) kV 3 3
Current measurement mA 3 5
Precision of current meter 3 class 3 class
Lower limit operating current  A 50 50
2ms square-Cwave current withstand  A 800 2000
(4/10µs) high current impulse withstand  kA 100 100
Weight  kg 2.3 2.5


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