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ZnO surge Arrester is one kind most world advanced overvoltage protector at present.Due to its core components of resistance applying ZnO and other metal oxide to make of,comparing with traditional carborundum arrester,it improves greatly V-A characteristics of Resistance,increases the getting trough ability of resistance,thereby it brings fundamental change to features of arrester.
Under normal working voltage,the current passing arrester only µA class,when bearing over voltage,the excellent nonlinear V-A features of arrester would make effect,the current passing through the arrester increase high to thousands of Ampere instant,the arrester is under getting through state,to release over-voltage energy,therefore it effective limits the damage to power transmission equipments due to over Voltage.It is one kind protecting equipment preventing electric equlpments in AC power sysytem from High voltage and over-voltage operation.

FUSHUN metal oxide arresters (MOA) without spark-gaps contain an active part of metal oxide resistors connecting in series.The resistor elements offer extremely non-linear voltage-current characteristics which are 15-20 fold better than SIC elements. MOAs have such outstanding characteristics which function in effect as insulators at continous operating voltage .The current increases owing to an overvoltage .The arrester conduct the surge current rapidly and absorb the high energy to limit the voltage rise .When the overvoltage decreases, the arrester immediately reverts to the non-conducting state. For special requirements in noneffectively grounded systems, metal oxide arresters without as well as with spark gaps con be offered.
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